To reform the credit card industry, start with credit scores Americans are using their credit cards more than ever – and some experts think that’s a good thing – The number of credit card accounts increased by 2.6% compared to this time last year, according to TransUnion’s Q1 2018 industry insights report. extending cards or limits to those with low credit.

Q2 2016 Threat Activity In the second quarter of 2016, McAfee Labs’ global threat intelligence network detected 316 new threats every minute, or more than five every second, and registered notable.

2014 Annual Security Roundup: 2014 was the year of mega breaches, hard-to-patch vulnerabilities, and thriving cybercriminal underground economies.. Amplified Need for Cyber-attack Preparedness; Magnified Losses, Amplified Need for Cyber-attack Preparedness. February 12, 2015 email. facebook. twitter. The malware used in the breach, WIPALL.

These were the biggest hacks, leaks and data breaches of 2016. 1 of 18 NEXT prev historical hacks come back to haunt, and fresh breaches bite our behinds. The Mac malware most likely to attack.

Mobile Malware; Security alerts; gooligan android malware breaches 1 million Google Play accounts. The largest Google account breach is affecting as many as 13,000 Android users every day. The main objective of the malware is to increase ad revenue for its developers but there are greater implications such as data theft and third-party access.

Buying a house? Here’s how to ensure your confidential financial details remain secure Buying a house? Here's how to ensure your confidential. – Buying a house? Here’s how to ensure your confidential financial details remain secure and The No. 1 most morally acceptable ‘hot-button’ issue in America,Read most current stock market news, Get.

Endpoint security solutions are failing to provide adequate protections to address today’s security threats, specifically malware, according to Minerva Labs. A majority of the respondents.

AgentRun, a software startup that provides customer management software for independent insurance brokers has accidentally exposed sensitive personal and medical information of thousands of insurance policy holders. The data breach was caused due to a misconfigured AWS S3 storage bucket that was left without password protection and publicly accessible to anyone.

Figure 1. Top 10 Malwarebytes consumer detections of 2018 That being said, we observed a decline in many malware types that used to exclusively target consumers. Over the year, we have seen more attacks against businesses, more detections of malware on their endpoints, and a greater focus on what cybercriminals consider a more lucrative target.

On Monday, June 3 rd, 2019, Quest Diagnostics, one of the largest clinical testing networks in the U.S., disclosed a data breach that impacted the personal information of approximately 11.9 million patients. The breach exposed credit card and bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, and medical information of Quest Diagnostics labs patients.

There’s been some huge leaks and breaches over the last few days, impacting everything from regular logins to important financial documents. What’s the fallout? Source: Leaks and breaches: a roundup – Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs

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