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Ceremonies take place on November 29, 2007. Betty Fiorina is the first person to ever serve three terms as New Mexico Secretary of State. 2008 Governor Bill Richardson announces on January 10, 2008, that he has dropped out of the Presidential race and is endorsing senator barack Obama for President.

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Sports lovers seeking indoor court space might have another option coming. The University of Waikato wants to build a $26.5 million indoor recreation centre and Hamilton city councillors are setting aside $4m. Mayor Andrew King wasn’t going to put any money in the budget for it, but on Tuesday.

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Corrections failed dying inmate Vicki Letele, Health and Disability commission finds medical staff should have responded more urgently to inmate Vicki Letele’s stomach cancer, report finds. John Buttle shared a link .

Facebook Twitter Print Email RedditThe Massachusetts Department of Correction has denied the medical parole request of a 31-year-old state prison inmate diagnosed with terminal cancer, the first ruling under a law passed in April that allows the early release of dying inmates. DOC Commissioner Thomas Turco rejected an appeal by Alexander Phillips, an inmate housed [.]

At 1504: "compelled exposure to ETS is.cruel and unusual punishment if it is at such levels and under such circumstances as to pose an unreasonable risk of harm to an inmate’s health." The issue is not the right to a smoke-free environment but the health risks to which the plaintiff is exposed.

DOVER – At Tuesday’s Council of Correction meeting, chairman Darryl Chambers noted that he was asked on Feb. 8 by the Department of Correction to independently review the footage of an inmate.

Cricket lovers sampled all sorts of weather during the cricket test against India at the Basin Reserve. That’s to be expected when a test is scheduled in Wellington in April. However, everyone -.

Corrections failed inmate Vicki Letele as she suffered with cancer, commission finds. "Prison is no place for a dying person.". the Health and Disability Commission has released its findings.

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