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STATE OF HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HAWAIIAN HOME LANDS P 0 BOX 1879 honolulu. haw All 96805 September 15, 2014. Testimony and any correspondence from the Director of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Hawaiian Homes. 17. Additional Considera tions and Discussion (optional) None.

HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige has appointed William J. Aila, Jr. as interim chairman of the Hawaiian Homes Commission/director of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, effective May 17, 2019. Aila was confirmed as deputy to the commission chair in April. He has been serving as acting chairman since the departure of Jobie Masagatani on May 2.

DEPARTMENT OF HAWAIIAN HOME LANDS Approved Records Retention and disposition schedules (forms SA-1). OF HAWAIIAN HOME LANDS DEPARTMENT: 3104000000. SA-1 dated 11/20/1998 item 2.17 retention: 6 fiscal years after date loan is paid in full.

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Kalaniakea Wilson Addresses Hawaiian Homes Commission (Sept. 24, 2018) DEPARTMENT OF HAWAIIAN HOME LANDS Revenue Bonds, Series 2017 Dated: Date of Delivery Due: April 1, as shown on inside cover The State of Hawaii Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Revenue Bonds, Series 2017 (the "Series 2017 Bonds"), are being issued by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands of the State of Hawaii (the "Department").

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Department of Health, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Aquatic Resources & Historic Preservation Divisions of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, and other interested parties for comments. Written comments and objections to the proposed permit were to be submitted to the Commission by December 28, 1992.

By Blaze Lovell / April 17, 2019 Reading time: 1 minute. The state Senate voted Wednesday to keep William Aila as deputy director of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.

First Deputy Guy H. Kaulukukui, and Water Deputy Bill M. Tam from Honolulu is visiting Maui to hear community comments, questions, and concerns regarding topics under the Department’s jurisdiction. This meeting is hosted by Senate President Shan S. Tsutsui as part of a series of DLNR Listening Sessions to be conducted statewide.