Should conditions continue to deteriorate, it could mean trouble for companies that are rated at the lowest end of the investment-grade debt spectrum, a group that rang up $695 billion in new debt during 2018.

California service tax proposal would be a tax increase for such projects leaves fewer dollars for the actual repair and construction of our. Though the proposed increase in the federal gas tax would be applied.. and California are well known for their already-high state gas taxes and adding.

 · Welcome to 2018! Donald Trump Is Worse Than Ever!. You can trace a connection between Trump’s ever-accelerating craziness and abuse and the Times’ growing trouble.

To reform the credit card industry, start with credit scores How to improve your credit score — at any age – CBS News – How to improve your credit score — at any age. Feds call for credit score reform.. The good news is that average credit scores start to recover between ages 25 and 29 as the average.

Struggling commodity prices signal more trouble could be ahead for the stock market (C) Goldman Sachs Sees S&P 500 Profit Growth Slowing to 4% in 2020 (B) US crude oil posts longest losing streak in over 34 years, falling for 10th day (C) The Dollar Is a Haven in Sea of Uncertainty (B) Central banks

I am sure everyone has heard about the national debt. How could you not? The incessant fearmongering. scientific research and so many other important things. (Or worse, charge our citizens for it!).

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Meanwhile, long-term debt remains around 10% of the company’s capital structure. the Red Hat purchase was indeed costly. If things don’t go as well, it could be trouble for IBM, which has been.

S&P warns of risks in leveraged loan market as deals surge. "There is a ton of [private equity] capital chomping at the bit and a leveraged loan market still looking for paper." That kind of backdrop S&P said raised the risk that a flurry of deals could be financed with limited investor security packages and borrower friendly terms,

The EU Could Become the Real Problem All good things for CRE, but none are for sure. The political crisis in the EU could disrupt everything by early 2019.

 · ”Depression comes from a sense of loss, and financial problems typically reflect loss – loss of a job, loss of an investment and so on,” Lieberman said. “Depression also comes from anger directed inward toward the self, and people who are in financial trouble.

The deficit is $800 billion. But he said the national debt, another measure of indebtedness, is up 50% because it includes items such as one-off military operations, natural disaster relief and some money in in the Social Security system. The national debt grew by 6% of GDP last year, which Gundlach said was “shocking.”

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