· Khamenei’s policy is to appease the hard liners with harsh rhetoric and to allow the scientific and security establishment in Iran to pursue making fuel for nuclear reactors. centrifuge enrichment technology is dual use, so that this way of proceeding keeps the possibility alive for Iran hardliners that Khamenei or his successor might undo.

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Meanwhile, Hashemi Shahroudi has been named as one of the candidates who have a chance to replace 78-year old Khamenei. The rumors about a successor for Khamenei were based on his poor health and became more credible when he underwent prostate surgery in 2014.

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani defended his nuclear deal with world powers. Is this Islam, is this Islamic society?" Last week khamenei told Assembly members to choose a.

 · Political Succession in the Islamic Republic of Iran: The Rise of the Revolutionary Guards. The political dynamics during the transitions in Iran in 1979 and 1989 reveal a number of similar features that will play into who will succeed Supreme Leader ayatollah ali khamenei; what is new now is the role the IRGC is playing in the factional power struggle.

With Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reportedly ailing from prostate cancer at age 77, the question of his successor marks "the most pivotal moment in the history of the Islamic Republic," an analyst says.

The 1989 Iranian supreme leader election was an indirect election where the Assembly of Experts members voted to choose the second Supreme Leader of Iran.The election was held on June 4, 1989, the morning after Ruhollah Khomeini’s death and Ali Khamenei was elected as his successor.

People walk past a picture of the late leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (right), and Iran. regarding his succession. In Rafsanjani’s account, Khomeini pointed to.

Khamenei has been Iran’s supreme leader. upstaged Khamenei from the left with his calls for reform at home and. there are no obvious successors,

In its history, Iran only had two Supreme Leaders: Ruhollah Khomeini, who held the position from 1979 until his death in 1989, and Ali Khamenei, who has held the position since Khomeini’s death. In theory, the Supreme Leader is elected and overseen by the Assembly of Experts.

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