And I think this is good. But even if you’re the rare person who doesn’t like dogs or cats, there’s an important investment point here. At some point, this already-slow economy is going to plunge into.

Campbell Soup has all the key components of a recession-proof stock. Yet, after 12 quarters of frozen. I will first analyze the stock’s potential as an income producing investment.

The official unemployment rate has been at or below 4 percent for more than a year, a situation that hasn’t happened since 1969.

– The most transparent source of real estate investment returns comes from publicly traded stocks of real estate investment trusts (REITs). The authors examine the available return data, with an emphasis on their relationship to U.S. inflation, although conclusions may apply elsewhere as well..

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The latter is seen as an indication of impending recession, as it indicates investors are moving towards safer investments.

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They move out of cyclical stocks and into more stable investments that can better weather the financial storm that usually comes with a recession. If you’re looking to invest during a recession, then you may want to read our list of recession proof investments. Here are some investments that are least affected by a recession: 1.

One big advantage of taking exposure to different sectors of the economy is that you reduce the volatility in your portfolio and make it ready to perform better during tough economic times, such as.

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP : Stock Market News and Information | AIG| MarketScreener When the credit markets seized up last September, AIG found itself on the verge of. The collapse of the American International Group is the largest corporate failure in.. the other day with a senior member of the New York Stock Exchange.

Utilities currently command very high valuations that may fall substantially in a recession. Other sectors that many do not.

If you’ve been worrying about whether the boom already is over or when it will end, it might be time to start looking for some recession-proof stocks to buy to get you through the lean times.

Recession-Proof Investment Strategies for the Average Investor.. An effective recession investment strategy has to have a place for these companies that grows as a recession intensifies. Likewise, we often hear about the need to diversify. diversification involves buying a wide variety of.

Tesla Analyst Munster Sees 2019 Demand as a Wildcard Top tech analyst Gene Munster says Tesla's miss on deliveries. – If Tesla had a demand issue, they would have to discount by more than 3%. To be clear, we are not changing our 2019 unit estimates." Munster is right; a 3% discount is a drop in the bucket.