Even those five questions don’t exhaust the list of questions you must consider before and during retirement. But these are key questions that almost everyone needs to consider and develop answers to. The earlier and the more thoroughly you consider them, the more successful your retirement will be.

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Almost 10,000 Americans turn 65 years of age each day. Most are poorly prepared for what lies ahead. We have isolated seven questions that everyone must answer BEFORE they retire.

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14 Investing Questions You Should Be Able to Answer.. or for retirement. If you’re concerned about a particular investment that’s losing value, go back to square one and think about why you chose it in the first place and what’s changed since.. if your stock falls 5 to 10 percent.

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Here we'll review nine key retirement questions you must answer if you. One of the most important sources of income retirees have access to is Social Security.. 8% a year up until you turn 70, at which point the incentive to wait runs out. 5 . Are my savings enough for retirement? Ideally, by the time you.

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Among the questions that you must contemplate is whether you are ready to retire.. about strategies to employ before and during retirement to lower your taxes.. key questions to answer about.

This is a common retirement question, and unfortunately, one of the most difficult ones to answer. To answer it you must estimate things like how long you will live, how much you will spend, what rate of return you will earn on savings and investments, what types of medical expenses you will incur, and what tax rates will be.

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During your counseling session you will learn about the following: Expand navigation. Human Resources . MENU MENU.. Most workshops will be limited to 10 participants so that we can answer all your questions about retiring from NAU.. Please contact your retirement advisor no later than six weeks before your intended retirement.

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