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The difference between choosing a fixed or variable rate is about allocating the interest rate risk between the two parties. If you accept a variable rate, you’ve agreed to take on the risk of interest rate fluctuation in the future. If interest rates go down, you’ll reap the benefit of taking on this risk.

Before you complete your student loan refinancing, you'll need to make a decision: Should you take the fixed-rate or the variable-rate loan?

Fixed versus variable rates: which should you choose? published 08/11/2018 fixed rate mortgages have proved hugely popular in recent years, but with increasingly attractive variable rate deals on offer, is it time for borrowers to consider other options?

Fixed or Variable Mortgage, Which Should You Pick? Buying a home is the single-largest financial commitment most people ever make. And sorting through mortgages involves a lot of critical choices. One of these is choosing between a fixed- or variable-interest-rate mortgage.

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Should you choose a fixed or variable mortgage? Here are four broad considerations: First, how long do you plan to stay in the home? If you plan on living in the home a short time before selling it, you may want to consider a variable-rate mortgage. With a shorter time frame, the loan will have less time to move up or down.

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Although it would be ideal to provide a ‘one size fits all’ answer to the ‘fixed versus variable’ question, the reality is that the choice of which GridCredits plan you should choose should be determined by your situation, own financial goals and priorities. You need to take into account how your family uses energy and how much energy.

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