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What the federal election result means for the property market EG will be following the local election results and analysing what it means for real estate. Bookmark this page to check back for updates local elections 2018: property’s relief as Tories hold on to crucial London strongholds

Last night a preprint by Xian-Jin Li appeared on the arXiv, claiming a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis. Preprints claiming such a proof have been pretty common, and always wrong. Most of them are obviously implausible, invoking a few pages of elementary mathematics and authored by people with no track record of doing serious mathematics research.

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Mathematician-M.D. introduces a new methodology suggesting a solution to one of the greatest open problems in the history of mathematics Daniel Druhora | June 25, 2018 . A completely new approach suggests the validity of the 110-year-old Lindelf hypothesis, opening up the possibilities of new discoveries in quantum computing, number theory and cybersecurity

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as the Riemann Hypothesis, and placed it on their own list. Realizing that their plagiaristic actions risked running afoul of the mathematical community, the Clay Math Institute felt compelled to make a preemptive peace o ering or, as it is known in more colloquial language, a "bribe"; they o ered a

Not only do older quantitative genetic methods of inquiry come to this conclusion, but new data from. they should be if Old World populations are to be any judge. His explanation is simple: light.

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Ideas from RMT have suggested how to formulate certain precise conjectures about the zeta-function that previously seemed inaccessible to number theorists (that is, the precise formulation down to the level of explicit constants was not known), but honestly this RMT business does not help anyone actually prove things

2 Myths Holding Back Home Buyers So hold it in, have-a-go heroes. 2 – Don’t Suck Venom From A Wound Using. may not sound that dangerous but bear with us for a moment. Back in 2007, a BMJ paper called out a few medical myths that.

Early History. The zeta function (s) today is the oldest and most important tool to study the distribution of prime numbers and is the simplest example of a whole class of similar functions, equally important for understanding the deepest problems of number theory. The celebrated Riemann hypothesis is that all complex zeros of (s) have real part equal to 1 2.

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