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Called the McLaren GT – short for Grand Tourer – it’s a high-performance car with enough luggage space. Incredibly, all this additional practicality has barely taken a hit on outright speed, as far.

Experian, which tracks millions of auto loans each month, said the average amount borrowed to buy a new vehicle hit a record $32,187 in the first quarter. The average used-vehicle loan also hit a.

a Las Vegas lender with a spotty track record, which took a $650,000 deposit but never delivered the $6 million in promised funding. But at least part of the blame could lie with the flailing economy.

After a rocky few years, average credit scores began a steady climb in 2013. The average VantageScore was 675 in 2017, compared to 673 the year before and only four points from the 2007 average of 679.

Books like "The Great Depression of 1990" by business guru ravi batra rocket to the top of the best-seller list. For awhile now some economists have wondered out loud if the 5-year-old bull market.

As before, the cash-outs are helping to drive debt – corporate debt – to record levels. As before, they are adding a short-term sugar high. market has grown to $300 billion. Moreover, a greater.

Apparently, not even the auto industry wants to put up the cash needed to sell cars. The automotive-industry data provider Edmunds reported that interest rates on auto loans hit a 10-year high in.

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City traders were unimpressed however, sending shares. Manufacturers and traders. auto trader nevertheless said it expects the strong new car market performance in recent years to ‘continue to have.

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The little guys are pricing auto loans like the big guys, and savvy consumers may be able to cash in with lower interest rates while borrowers with shakier credit may get more opportunities for loans.