Michigan is one of four schools to graduate both a president (Gerald Ford) and a Super Bowl-winning quarterback (Tom Brady). The other schools are Stanford, Navy, and Miami (OH). Michigan is the only school to have won a national championship in all four major sports (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey).

According to polls, Americans used to prefer vanilla ice cream to all other flavors. tend to be famous for their perseverance. Some have walked hundreds of miles in search of their owners. Others.

Big four have been ‘cream skimming’ for too long, say rivals Bankers looking to challenge the entrenched dominance of the big four say "it’s about time" the two tiered approach to capital.

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Too much cream has been disappearing across the ditch for too long in my mind, & now I learn that, by the way, they had an advantage over the other banks by deciding themselves on their gearing & lending ratios & God knows what else, required. They’re pissed it’ll lose them market share & so they should be.

For some time now, second-tier audit firms in the UK have been bent out of shape about the domination of the Big 4. And seeing how one of the Final Four Horsemen of the accounting apocalypse is auditing 99 out of 100 FTSE companies (and 240 of the FTSE 250), they may have a legitimate beef.

The black box from airasia flight qz8501 may have. Four ‘big objects’ had already been located at the bottom of the Java Sea near Borneo. The fifth piece of the wreckage was found at a different.

Big data and IoT are terms that have been loosely thrown around so much that the mention of them is likely to induce a mild sense of nausea at this point. For definition’s sake, however, "big data" is the collection of data sets so large and complex that they cannot be analyzed by traditional databases or tools, such as spreadsheets.

Better wake up to GetUp!-fast! The paddock gate is open and the horse is eyeing what he thinks is a greener pasture beyond. What the horse does not know is that green look of lush fodder is an illusion.

/u/fyeeah on Home loan arrears on the rise as high debt and low wage growth bite diminishes business expansion and wage growth. P u n is h in g S u c c e s s The fundamental economic point missed by the supporters o f Clintonomics is the relationship between risk and reward. To entice individuals to undertake the substantial risks involved with starting and expanding a business (or even hiring