Life; This dog was sad after she lost her babies but someone unexpected came and rescued her. shreya june 19, 2018.. And they are hurt as much as humans when they lose their little ones. This is the story of one such dog. It is of two dogs, actually, who had different traumatic experiences..

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Our chihuahua dog gave birth and died, what can be the causes?. I hope you learn from this mistake. DONT BREED DOGS again please. 3 dogs just lost there life because of it.. might have played a part on her death- let’s start with gathering more info- how old was she? was it her first.

My 15 week old chi puppy has one ear sticking up and one. << Back to: rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ. while my younger dog did have one ear flop when she was losing her baby teeth, it popped back up on its own many weeks later.. I have an 11 month old Chihuahua, her years are 90 %.

my chihuahua does. she always curls up between my legs and goes to sleep. she wont sleep anywhere but with me. all i have to say is go night night and she crawls under the covers. yesterday we had this huge family thing and i brought her and she stayed in the house or in my arms/lap the whole time because there was a big boy lab that wanted to play with her and she was scared. she only barked.

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I have a 9 month old female chihuahua. She started to loose a patch of hair on her thigh and now it looks like she is loosing a little more and looks irritated.. I have a chihuahua too who has lost hair on her legs and now in the middle of her back.. I have a four month old short hair male.

Cocoa the Chihuahua is desperate for some shut-eye.she can barely keep her eyes open! Her and her sister are on puppy steps; her sister is asleep on the top step and Cocoa is on the step below. All Cocoa wants to do is rest her head on her sister but every time she closes her eyes and starts to fall asleep, her head begins sliding off.