East St. Louis, Illinois: 581 Google Maps The U.S. city whose residents suffer from the lowest average credit score is described as America’s most violent city by Bloomberg News. Like other cities on this list, it has been hurt by depopulation, losing about two-thirds of its population since 1950.

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Credit > Can You Guess Your Credit Score?: Date: 10/08/2007 Your credit score is an extremely important and valuable asset. It can be used to determine everything from your rates on a home loan to whether or not you are accepted for an apartment rental or an employment opportunity.

The laggards include the Golden State, which has the least luster when it comes to credit. See the states earning the worst credit ratings, which results in higher interest costs on state bonds.

Three West Coast cities made the grade, but most family-friendly communities are clearly in the country’s mid-section. The worst On the other end of the spectrum is Birmingham, Alabama.

Greenwood has the lowest average credit score of any metro area examined in the nation, and Gulfport-Biloxi and four other Mississippi metro areas all had average credit scores lower than the.

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and no cities. credit score is 709 out of 850, making Minnesota the state with the highest overall credit scores. Worst: Winters – Minnesotans might not be buried under bills, but they are buried.

The average credit score in the U.S. is anywhere from 669 to 699. It depends on which credit report and credit-score model are used. Below, you can learn more about the average credit scores by year, state, age and more. Reviewing these credit score statistics will give you a better sense of how good your credit score is relative to those of your peers.

The U.S. average credit score in May 2015 was 669. Mississippi residents have the lowest average scores at 638, while Minnesota has the highest at 704.

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