Lawyer Jeffrey Ong Su Aun, who was charged on June 1 with one count of cheating a company out of $6 million, faced eight new charges of forgery for the purpose of cheating in the same case yesterday.

The lawyer who allegedly went missing with S$33 million of clients’ money now faces 13 more charges of forgery. He now faces 22 charges in total. Subscribe to our channel here:

With the fresh charges, Ong now faces 22 charges in total – for now. He was wanted by the Singapore police after Catalist-listed precision engineering firm allied technologies reported missing S$33 million funds held in escrow by JLC Advisors. So far, none of the charges Ong is facing are related to Allied Tech’s matter.

Lawyer Who Went Missing with $33 Million Had ‘Stolen’ Another $16 Million from 3 Other Clients. By.. who turned up in court yesterday via a video link (as he’s currently held in remand), was slapped with an additional eight counts of forgery for the objective of scamming another company.

On June 13, he was slapped with a further eight charges of forging document for the purpose of cheating three other clients of a total of $16 million. See: ‘Missing’ JLC lawyer Jeffrey Ong arrested in Malaysia; charged in Singapore. See also: jlc lawyer Jeffrey Ong faces 8 more charges; to be remanded another week as more clients claim.

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