Where Japanese knotweed is considered to pose a risk to the property, it is usually necessary to undertake to eradicate the plant by implementing a Japanese knotweed management plan. In order to meet the requirements of the mortgage lender the plan and its execution need to be undertaken by a member of a recognised trade association such as the Property Care Association.

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Landlords think North East London is next buy to let hotspot.. Kindly shared by PropertyWire. Joint advice to help solicitors beat property fraud. 8th september 2017. parliamentary Committee finds home lenders are over cautious about risk of Japanese knotweed. 21st May 2019.

We have highlighted the top 5 key facts we think all Estate Agents should know about Japanese knotweed. 1. What knotweed looks like throughout the season. Japanese knotweed is a seasonal plant. In the summer, the luscious green leaves are surrounded by creamy-white flowers, over the winter the plant dies back leaving dead canes.

Japanese Knotweed: STL mitigates the impact of this growing risk STL have launched their unique Japanese Knotweed Hazard Alert and associated insurance policy to the conveyancing industry and within an hour of launch orders were received.

Parliamentary Committee finds home lenders are over cautious about risk of Japanese knotweed Mortgage lenders are overly cautious and relying on flawed science which is leading to the value of homes being reduced due to invasive plant Japanese knotweed, according to a Parliamentary Committee.

Is it Knotweed? And how bad is it? Get the lie of the land with a full mortgage survey. FREE identification assessment. japanese Knotweed identification boils down to this: Is it Knotweed? And how bad is it? Best carry out a survey to get the lie of the land. And by survey, we mean an..

New guidance to tackle Japanese Knotweed. The words "Japanese Knotweed" are renowned for striking fear into the hearts of homeowners across the country, with many vendors who have the plant in their gardens unable to sell their property as lenders have been reluctant to provide loans on properties potentially affected by the plant.

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