In fintech race, Go-Jek app extends consumer credit to offline stores Go-Pay, the digital payment arm of Indonesian ride-hailer Go-Jek, will extend a mobile credit service to brick-and-mortar stores starting next month, laying the foundation for a broader financial business targeting its millions of users.

Eagle Scout project remembers slaves who once lived at Fontainebleau State Park kushner cos. pays m for Soho retail condo, continuing buying spree The company also likely made money by reducing the number of rent-regulated tenants and bringing in those who would pay more. jared kushner, who stepped down as CEO of the Kushner Cos. last year.This week in the twittersphere, Eagle Scout member Jackson Cantrell uncovered 153 names of Bernard de Marigny’s enslaved. Published by The New Orleans Advocate, Kadee Kreiger’s article "Eagle Scout Project Remembers Slaves Who Once Lived at Fontainebleau State Park," provides insight into Cantrell’s research and his findings.

The app is then responsible for updating the state according to the rules of the application. For example, in a cryptocurrency app, a "transaction" is a statement that X coins should be transferred from wallet Y to wallet Z. The app checks whether wallet Y has that many coins.

In Fintech Race, Go-Jek App Extends Consumer Credit to Offline Stores. PayLater marks ‘beginning’ of more financial services for Indonesia’s unbanked. Source nikkei asian review (link opens in a new window) Categories Finance Region Asia Pacific Tags digital payments, e-commerce, financial inclusion, financial services, fintech, unbanked

Slice of Life is unpretentious and modest with a diner-like feel but certainly not divey. It was brightly lit with a clean healthy vibe, not at all like my perception of a vegan Zen eatery in Asia with its pervasively dark, sultry and strongly incense-scented interior.

POS consumer credit develops explosively. There are two main segments of POS credit industry solutions – for offline and online sellers.. 7 fintech-startups for offline and online POS-lending.

AutoGravity, a fintech platform for car shopping, has been nationally available for less than a year. The app’s been downloaded more than 750,000 times and processed more than $1 billion in.

Woodford Reserve describes its target consumers as “spiritmakers” who want to experience all that life has to offer. And at the storied Kentucky Derby those spirit makers can drink a mint julip from a $1,000 limited-edition, sterling silver or 24K gold cup, thanks to the top-shelf bourbon brand.

A similar example comes from Indonesia’s first billion-dollar tech startup, ride-sharing leader Go-Jek, which introduced GoPay in 2016. At the end of last year the company had announced that it has agreed to acquire three local fintech firms in its effort to expand its digital payments services.

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History of Go-Jek Image Credit: VasenkaPhotography | Flickr. Scarcely known to those who aren’t native to Indonesia, Go-Jek is the wordplay on the Bahasa term of taxi bike, ojek. But it was never always the behemoth of the ride-hailing industry as it stands today. In fact, Go-Jek was first established as a call-centre for customers to get ojek rides, with a mere 20 drivers in-house who later.

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